Back in the Saddle

Philadelphia Park (~ RAYMOND) I had the feeling that I might return to blogging tonight as I crabbed to someone in an email that I’m already sick of hearing all the droning about Curlin vs. Big Brown for horse of the year. It’s about as interesting as incessantly following who’s up in the presidential polls. […]

New Poll, Which is More Likely

(Manitoba Museum of Finds Art) Just a quick poll to let you all know I haven’t ended up a kill pen or shipped to Japan. Looking at recent headlines, I wonder which is more likely, Santa Anita going back to dirt or Rachel vs. Zenyatta? Discuss… Thanks for all who participated in the Most Fan […]

New Poll, Most Fan Friendly Industry Change

I see #11, #10, #9, #5, #4 and #2! (EVENT OF THE YEAR PHOTOS) It’s getting to be that time of the year, the time for year end polls! Thoroughbred Times unveiled theirs today and it’s pretty good. Last week they asked for some feedback and ideas on Twitter and my suggestion became question 14! […]

To Which We Say “Thank You!”

(Sarah K. Andrew) Much to the delight of this horseplayer, the Breeders’ Cup announced today that it’s finally adopting the standard saddle cloths! Anyone who’s read this blog for any length of time knows that this is an issue I’ve been whining about discussing for quite some time. So a hearty “Thank You” to Breeders’ […]

Breeders’ Cup Wants Your Opinion!

Filly & Mare Turf 2007, colored saddle clothes would help here, no? (Charles Pravata) Not only is it a gorgeous spring morning here in GbG land, my day started with an interesting note from the Breeders’ Cup in my Facebook inbox asking me (and every other member of the Breeders’ Cup official fan page) to […]

GbG Holiday Gift Guide 2008

New Items added! See bottom of post. Note: this picture is not of the authoress of this site. (birdnest1384) You’ve probably just walked in from doing all of your holiday shopping, making this list a mute point. But if you’re like me, you’re gonna wait till the last damn minute. Also, if you’re like me, […]

Breeders’ Cup Meeting Recap

All and all I think it went well, but as it stands now, I doubt there will be any changes… at least in the near future. That’s not say that it’s all bad. In attendance were Peter Rotondo Jr., who invited us, fab filmmaker John Hennegan, who gave me Rotondo’s contact information in the first […]

There’s Still Time…

(Sarah K. Andrew) To let the Breeders’ Cup know what you thought about this year! We’ll be meeting with them tomorrow afternoon and delivering your feedback face to face, so please get yourself over to SAFC and submit your thoughts! Here are a few examples of what’s been submitted so far. There are many well […]

BC Wants to Know Your Thoughts

I posted an election inspired piece last week at Bloodhorse about participation in the process affecting change and forgot to post it here! As mentioned prior to the Breeders’ Cup, Self Appointed Fan Committee was extended an invitation to the New York BC office to discuss/share our feedback on this year’s changes/BC in general. The […]

New Poll, Most Impressive BC Win

I can’t remember the last time I sat in front of the idiot box for 6 hours. The only thing I can say for certain is that it’s a good thing I donated my bank roll this year (more to come on that!). Mind you, this didn’t stop me from losing a little money as […]