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And How Much are You Wagering?

Procrast-a-palooza continues at GbG manor!

When we’re not busy working on Hello Race Fans, Swifty and I have day jobs. Swifty’s current day job is at Filife, a personal finance site. One of the things I like about it is that one can create polls. I’ve already bitterly complained to him about the “How do you compare?” teaser being the digital equivalent of swatting flies (which he helpfully passed on the to their product development team!), but I thought it might be fun to see how y’all are gonna roll with your bank roll.

And not to worry, I can’t tell who answers what so go nuts!

Two polls, one for the Belmont only and the other for the under card only. No time like the present to remember money management!

Getting My Belmont Outfit Together

This year I may cut down on the number of signs, or tulle (Colin’s Ghost)

Ok, not really… but just in case you too are a procrastinator, here are some worthwhile endeavors when you’re not looking over the excellent Belmont under card.

Stop by The Rail to read about and give thanks for the one man racing replay archiving machine, partymanners… then stop by Casa del Superfecta for an archivists take.

I love it when Sue at Post Parade gets her blog on and she’s been at it again… spending an afternoon at Lone Star Millions Day and using the lethal research combo of Merlot & Google to uncover a plot for world domination. Good work Sue!

I still have yet to receive my Belmont tickets, allegedly mailed on Monday… if only they had that new fangled online ticket purchasing! There’s still time to get in on the “one day only” the Breeders’ Cup ticket pre-sale available to those who follow the Breeders’ Cup on twitter… or who know who to get to their twitter page.

Raceday360 is back, and hopefully Blinkers Off will be lurking around Belmont!

Here’s a new source for information… Horse Racing Nation recently launched is planning on building a database of horse profiles, among other things. Check out their Belmont contenders page, you can click on the name of each entrant to get to the profile, which include race replays. I’ll be watching some of those tonight! The Futures Stakes tracker is helpful too.

And if you’re looking for something to do offline, you can always read a book… such as Off to a Flying Start, a look at horse racing lingo in everyday language. Pick up a copy at the NYRA bookstore on Saturday!

Update: in the time it took to write this post, Swifty called to inform me that our tickets have arrived. I suddenly feel as though I’ve accomplished something, thanks Swifty!