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Fun with Names: Random Edition

While perusing the Saturday Santa Anita card I cracked myself up over a few of the names in the 6th race. Funky Soup immediately jumped out as did Mo Cheese. In addition to the fun with food hunch bet angle, there seemed to be some other options.

So, in the spirit of the Fun Derby Names post from years gone by, I offer the field of 6th at SA this Saturday: 6 Furlongs for 4yo & up F&M, claiming ($10,500) purse: $16,000:



Pivotal Queen (IRE)

Chase the Fever

Sign In

Emba U. T. K.

L’Enchanteresse (IRE)

Morning Frost

Mo Cheese

Funky Soup



Off the top my head I see:

Stoner Box:

Funky Soup / Mo Cheese

Dancing Queen Box:

Happyhoofertoo / Pivotal Queen

Online Pron Box (intentional misspelling!):

Sign In / Chase the Fever

Gay Caberet Box:

Pivotal Queen / L’Enchanteresse

Royal Snack Box:

Mo Cheese / Imperaritz

Anything else? Perhaps I’ll bring this format back to this year’s Derby.

And speaking of the Derby, if I didn’t have some stuff to write for the Derby Prep Alert tonight I’d be inclined to blog about how crazy the two 7F prep approach is for a (clearly talented) son of Pomeroy is, not that it’s not crazy in general. I’d probably also mention that it’s even more crazy is that it makes Uncle Mo’s Timely Writer/Wood prep path look solid. No doubt I would have even mentioned something about Pletcher’s astonishing THIRTEEN entries in the Timely Writer, but I’ve gotta preview the Santa Anita Oaks. Good thing it’s a small field!