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Pride Plays 2011, the I Do Edition

Australian trainer Gai Waterhouse on Pink Stiletto Day (Pink Stiletto)

Darling, it’s that time of year again… pride weekend, and NO ONE is feeling more lucky than the gays! It’s time to make the commitment and say “I Do” to gay pride hunch plays!

I found a lot more than last year, but then again I got my act together a bit earlier. Best of luck, and no matter how it turns out, you look fabulous!

Saturday 25th

Arapahoe Park
R1: Rainbow Eddie (4th), The Buddy Plan (11th)
R2: Looking for Justice (5th)
R3: De Elegant Cartel (scratched)
R8: Quick Meeting (2nd), City Vow (6th)
R9: For Daddy (8th)

Arlington Park
R2: River Bear (2nd)
R4: Cruise (3rd)
R5: Fantastic Madame (7th)
R8: Boom Boom Charlie (11th)

Belmont Park
R6: Trix in the City (scratched)
R7: Viv’s Tiara (8th), Max’s Hotdog (9th)
R8: Midnight Billy (2nd), Sky Blue Pink (3rd) – omni!
R10: Queens or Better (3rd)

R2: Queen Drama (2nd)
R3: Nervous Nell (scratched – probably too nervous!)
R5: Rock with Me (3rd), Boss Lady (6th)
R7: Fabulous Francis (4th)
R8: Lucy’s Secret (scratched)
R12: Living Sassily (8th), Simply Elegant (11th), Princess for a Day (12th), One Proud Girl (winner!) $8.20

R1: Frisky Heaven
R5: Papi Papi

R3: Breaking Barriers (5th)
R4: Yes He’s a Pistol (3rd), Accept the Kiss (5th), Silver Tuxedo (winner!) $4.80
R6: I Am Awesome (5th)
R8: Lookin at Larry (9th), Lady’s Gent (8th)
R9: I Shine Now (2nd)
R10: Chick’s Brief Case (4th)

Charles Town
R2: She’ll Fit (9th0, Klondike Lizzie (scratched), La Koppa Chica (scratched)
R3: Bring it on Sally (scratched)
R4: Lovin Colleen (scratched)
R7: My Snake Docta (7th), He’s a Hobby (4th)
R8: Vote Yes for Love (5th), Jack of Hearts (10th)

Churchill Downs
R1: Six Pack Abs (3rd)
R2: Cherry Included (5th), Dare We Dream (3rd)
R4: Where’s the Beef (6th)
R8: Wendy and Her Cats (10th)
R9: Marvel Gaye (winner!), Lohan (3nd), Afleeting Lady (2nd), Live and Love – Pride Trifecta! $436.80
R11: Proud and Fast (5th)

Colonial Downs
R1: Little Miss Macho (4th), Smilin and Dancin (6th)
R4: Comeback Papa (7th)
R6: Sally Oh Sally (scratched), Stylish Touch (10th)

Delaware Park
R2: Free Country (winner!) – $5
R10: Burnin Rubber (winner!) – $38!

Delta Downs
R1: Hez Tearin It Up (winner!) – $13
R4: Mi Special Lady (10th)
R5: Hesa Trickie Lad (2nd)
R6: Some Pride (3rd)
R9: Bang Bang Bang (winner!) – $25.20, Shazama Rama (scratched)

Emerald Downs
R4: Solex Sisters (9th), Bar Room Gal (winner!) – $13

Evangeline Downs
R5: Little Miss Romeo (8th)
R10: Way too High (3rd), Rebel Queen (7th)

Finger Lakes
R3: It’s Our Turn (2nd), Seekingvindication (5th)
R7: Midnight Chase (4th)
R8: Ruby Flame (4th)

R1: Say Fabulous (winner!) – $10.30
R3: Lady Alex (5th)
R7: Dearest Princess (7th)

Hollywood Park
R2: Queenofcalifornia (2nd), Princess Tizzy (9th)
R7: Offlee Wild Boys (6th)
R9: Turn On the Pumps (4th)

R1: Disco Jenelle (3rd)
R6: Random Zing (4th)
R12: Courage to Be (scratched)
R12 bonus plays:
First timer exacta box: Itouch & Eze Does It (both scratched)
Out & Proud exacta box: Oh So Debonair (2nd) & Bold Intention (scratched)

Prairie Meadows
R3: A Lot of Mon (winner!) – $17.00
R8: Marco’s Fling (5th)

R2: Bell’s First Lad, Stylish Citizen (both scratched)

Sunday June 26th

R4: Wild About Boys (6th)

R2: One Game Dame (6th)

R8: My Topper (6th)

Churchill Downs
R10: Royal Pride (5th)

Delta Downs
R2: Speed Bump Buddy (9th)
R8: Queen Toast

Lone Star
R4: B G Queen Legacy

R3: I Come From Behind (3rd)
R9: Disco Indy
R10: Sissy Pants

R3: Gary’s Got Rhythm (7th)
R6: Fear the Beard (2nd)

R1: The Bear Vow (2nd)

Life At Ten Can’t Catch a Break

Poor Life At Ten. After last year’s disastrous Breeders’ Cup, she gets off to a slow start with two lackluster performances and just when it looks like she’s ready to make some noise Cornelio Velasquez pulls a Garrett Gomez and strangles the daylights out of her down the backstretch.

In the replay you’ll see that she gets off to a great start and then at 29 seconds he gets her in a hammer lock until about 56 seconds. One has to wonder what the stretch would have looked like if she would have been allowed to run more freely.

You may remember about Life At Ten that she does her best running when not restrained. Say for example in last year’s Ogden Phipps.

I think Cornelio is an underrated rider in general but admittedly I haven’t been paying close attention recently. Even if he is off his usual good form (and I’m not saying he is, I’m saying I don’t know if he is or not), I’ve never noticed him to be one to fight a front-runner. This had to be instructions from the barn, right? Right.

Pletcher from the NYRA post-race quotes press release:

She didn’t break well but she was able to recover and find a spot there pretty quickly. After that, she was in pretty good shape. The strategy, on paper we felt that Absinthe Minded and Awesome Maria would be laying one-two and Life At Ten would assume the garden spot. The way it broke, Cornelio [Velasquez] had to grab her [Life At Ten] a little bit to get that spot, and in retrospect it would have been better to go on, but he tried to execute the original game plan.

Well, it’s somewhat reassuring that they’re aware the plan didn’t work, but it must speak to their lack in confidence in Life At Ten as she’s shown the ability to rate behind speed and still win, such as last year’s Beldame.

At least they’re committed to running the rest of the year but if I were Candy DeBartolo, I would have moved her to another barn right after the Breeders’ Cup. On the bright side, we may catch a good price on her if/when things fall into place!