Pony Up!

(John Ryle)

Have a good day at the track? Pony Up to help local horses!

I decided a while ago that every time I had a win of over $200 on a single track that I would donate a percentage of that win to a rescue organization that services the area surrounding that track.

I’ve created a spreadsheet of rescue operations for tracks that I like to play. It’s currently too wide to embed in this page so until I can create a specific Pony Up! template, you’ll have to view it here.

As horseplayers with a conscious (and some extra money in your pockets), I encourage you start your own personal Pony Up! program, picking an amount & percentage that you feel comfortable with. Not only will feel great, you’ll help the horses that have helped you.

A special thanks goes out to Ernie for picking the name, even though he didn’t like it… I (still) think it’s perfect!