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Announcing a Sprint… Kind of

Last week I noticed a Sprint Wireless ad that featured a track announcer narrating a phone call as if it was race (or something like that). It sounded like Trevor Denman (one of my favs… I LOVE it when he says “and he’s FULL OF RUN!!”).

I’ve only seen it once and haven’t been able to dig it up via google or Sprint’s site. Is there a racing meme in advertising? (sorry, I’m not an academic, I swear!). I think it’s interesting given the Claratin ad with the Jockey.

Tally Ho!

Yesterday I decided I was going to take my time getting ready for work… it was a Friday before a long holiday weekend, I didn’t have any morning meetings and my boss was on vacation.

As I was eating my breakfast I turned on the TV, naturally the OTB channel was on. Instead of the usual listings of the upcoming days races there was live racing, but it was only 9 am. I thought it was from Australia but it was from Britain. The course was Goodwood and the race was the first of the day, Vini’s Gucci and Pucci Handicap (!!!), a 7f race.

First of all, we need more races named like that. Seriously. How about the Swifty’s Knoll and Ferragamo Handicap? Or the Giant Bag of Money Futurity? It was a good race, the winner, Scarlet Flyer, was a 4 yo American who closed very nicely while Blue Java sat just behind the pace but was outrun at the end by the winner.

Also, I knew they ran in the opposite direction (not wrong, opposite) and I could get used to that but the course confused me! When I looked at the schematic of it on their site it looked like a golf course. As they came out of the gate it seemed like there were a couple of places where they could have turned but didn’t.

Well, regardless of this minor difference, I’m looking forward to watching more British racing my telley!

Gomez on Hard Spun!

It’s odd because just this morning I was thinking about what Jock I would put on Hard Spun if it were my choice and while I thought about Garrett Gomez I think my choice would be Fernando Jara given his ride aboard Jazil in last year’s Belmont Stakes.

Also, seems like this confirms that Rags to Riches will not be running… so, if I controlled the universe I would have Gomez on Rags to Riches and Jara on Hard Spun (and a nice big box of the two of them, among others!).


He *is* a Wild & Crazy Guy

Article about Bill Kaplan (who I like a lot) and Imawildandcrazyguy’s preps for the Belmont. I think he ran an extremely impressive race in the Derby. He was BEHIND Street Sense in 20th place and closed to 4th on the OUTSIDE. I’m really looking forward to see what he’ll do in the Belmont.

Actually, I really like all the probable Belmont entrants… the top 3 from the last 2, Tiago, Great Hunter, Slew’s Tizzy and Imawildandcrazyguy are contenders as far as I’m concerned… throw Rags to Riches in there and look out!


Just a Few More Thoughts…

and then I’m moving on.

On thing that’s made me feel somewhat better about not covering my bets with the winning combo is that of all the experts and bloggers I read, no one predicted the winning combo (although I still should have done a $20 tri box with the three favs, dammit!).

As I’ve noted before, I’m a big fan of biases and I watch them closely. On the day before the Preakness and day of, front runners and stalkers were favored to closers. Only one closer had won the day before, and with the exception of the 4 & 5th races that I didn’t see (because I was in transit to the “office”) front runners and stalkers were winning. Interesting to note because biases, like all other handicapping tools, are not to be taken as the only factor… and as most will tell you, a good horse can overcome anything.

I was re-reading a few of my posts because I was thinking about things I wanted to see about a few of the horses before I became a believer.

From my Derby Futures Wagers post:

“The things that I don’t like about Curlin are that he hasn’t raced against tough competition and we have no idea if he’s got the heart for a fight. Could he hold his own against Street Sense in the stretch?”

Answered: Yes!

I still want to see Street Sense go 3 or 4 wide and weave in and out of horses.

Here’s a gripe… the Pimlico simulcast didn’t have split screen so you couldn’t see what the back of the pack was doing. This is one of most helpful things ever, I felt like I didn’t know what was going on in the race because it was just focused on the front runners. Is this a Magna entertainment thing? I’ll have to look at this more closely. It’s one thing for NBC to not have the split screen, but an OTB simulcast? That’s ridiculous!

Now for the moving on part… rematch! The distance in the Belmont will be very interesting. Swifty thinks Hard Spun won’t run, and he’s probably right. A few interesting additions are going to be Tiago, Imawildandcrazyguy and hopefully Rags to Riches! Tiago & Imawildandcrazyguy will do much better at that distance for sure. I would love to see Rags to Riches win the Belmont!!

Preakness Wrap-up

While I am extremely bummed to have lost all $180 that I bet, I have to say that Curlin ran a monster impressive race!!!

I pretty much had every combination except the winning one and I’m kicking myself because I almost ran to the window in final minute to place a $20 box of Street Sense & Curlin, which would have just covered my bets. To be honest, it was because I was more concerned about Street Sense than Curlin.

I would also like to point out that Curlin took a dump right before the parade… this is something that I look for in horse (and I overlooked it here). McCann’s Mohave took a dump right before going in the gate at the Sunshine Millions and won at 30something-1 odds (and not since!). I also won some money this way with Indian Flare in the Flower Girl, but I digress.

Man, I’m soooo bummed about Hard Spun, it looked like Pino urged him to catch up in the back stretch and Hard Spun hit the gas a bit too heavy. He looked like he was really struggling at the end. Given that, it’s a testament to his talent that he hung on for 3rd.

As for Street Sense & Curlin… I would have thought that Curlin would have sat closer to the pace given his pre-Derby front running style, but he clearly is more of a fantastic dramatic closer! Street Sense got his rail trip and only had to get by CP West (who also ran an impressive race!) to take the lead.

Curlin may have won by a nose but he kicked Street Sense’s ass in my opinion. He came 3 wide to Street Sense’s inside trip and the really poured it on at the end. Fucking Fantastic! He galloped out nicely too. The one thing I did get right was that the Derby was good for him! He really has the killer instinct.

The only win I had all day was Remarkable News in the 10th. I love a South American horse… when I have my hugely successful Giant Bag of Money Stable, it will be filled with South American horses!

Happy Preakness Day!

I’m still not entirely sure how I’m going to do my final bets, I always decide in the last minutes before the race… it really depends on the odds plus I’ll be looking for biases thru the day.

Definite Bets:

Hard Spun to win

Likely Additional Bets:

Hard SpunCulin Box

Hard SpunCircular Quay Box

Hard SpunExchanger Straight Exacta

Hard SpunFlying First Class Straight Exacta

My thoughts are (clearly) that Hard Spun can win it so I’ll put a sizable bet there. I also think the Derby was probably good for Curlin. I’m looking for him to sit closer to the pace and have a better shot this time.

As for Circular Quay, he was coming off a lay off into the Derby and stands to be improved + less traffic will be better for his closing style. Yesterday at Pimilco the 3rd post position was heavily favored as were stalkers. This is Circular Quay’s post position.

As for Flying First Class & Xchanger… both have early speed and my guess is that Hard Spun will rate right behind them. What if Curlin or Street Sense get stuck and can’t get up?

As for Street Sense, my same theory applies… when I see him go around horses to win, I’ll bet him at this price (or if there’s a strong bias like in the Derby).

Speaking of biases, as of right now, Ramon Dominquez has won the first two races at Pimlico and both were stalkers. He’s riding Xchanger today. Also, both winners were on outside post postions (10 & 9).

Good Luck to All!!

Next Stop, Preakness

Actually, the real next stop is Hollywood Park! I’m going to LA for a long weekend and am gonna go to Hollywood Park on Saturday… very exciting.

Just booked my reservations for the Preakness at my “office” (home of Ace & Swifty). Woo!