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Farewell 2010

(Jamie Newell)

If I had done much blogging this year I might be inclined to let you know which posts I thought were my best. Or, if I were feeling clever, I could list the posts I *almost* did, such as a turnabout is fair play post about how I dropped the ball at HRF by not promoting the Derby Prep Alert during our fantastic Breeders’ Cup traffic (thanks to Breeders’ Cup 360!) or the post about Santa Anita not being able to post their own replays on YouTube (not to worry, I’ve lined up someone better than me to address that issue over here!).

But truth be told, 2010 was a whirlwind with the launch of Hello Race Fans! and the acquisition of Raceday 360. And I’m very grateful to all involved!

So here’s hoping 2011 brings the kind of year we’ll all look back on fondly…