My Futures Wagers

My strategy for the 3rd pool was to basically bet against Curlin, Street Sense & Circular Quay (and watch them win, place and show on Derby day).

The things that I don’t like about Curlin are that he hasn’t raced against tough competition and we have no idea if he’s got the heart for a fight. Could he hold his own against Street Sense in the stretch?

As for Street Sense, he seems to need precise placement to really get the job done. While Circular Quay overcame a potential huge disaster in the Risen Star and finished well, I’ve never had a gut feeling for him.

$10 on:

No Biz – while somewhat goofy, I think he’s probably the horse to beat

Hard Spun – the only teeny tiny reservation I have about him is that he hasn’t beaten, or run against, any of the favs

Scat Daddy – he’s so gutsy!

Tiago – if he performs like his last race, watch out

$8 on:

Great Hunter – looked to me like he got stuck in traffic in the Blue Grass, he’s beaten both Street Sense & Circular Quay

$6 on:

Cowtown Cat – ran great his last 2 races

Domincan – can’t believe his odds didn’t lower more

All Other 2 year olds – you never know

$2 on:

Officer Rocket – even though his showing was poor in the Arkansas Derby, he’s beaten Teufelsberg, Hard Spun & Street Sense!

Teuflesberg – he’s beaten Hard Spun and despite his incredibly slow pace was pretty game in the stretch during the Blue Grass, I think he’ll do better when he’s not the pacesetter.

I also put some money on the Oaks, I haven’t been following the Ladies too closely (that will change next year), but here’s what I did:

$4 on:

Boca Grande


$2 on:

Autobahn Girl

Dawn After Dawn

Dream Rush

Moonee Ponds