Welcome to the New Site!

To be honest I didn’t think it would take me so long to get this site up and running. Once I started fiddling with it I found more and more things I wanted to fiddle with… and believe me, there are still things to fiddle with.

I’ve ported about half of my old content over (manually, one post at a time!) and still have a couple of months worth of posts to bring over. These will show up as newly published pieces in the RSS feed when I add them.

One of the reasons it took so long, besides the fiddling, was that with each post I was creating the somewhat (read: borderline ridiculously) “extensive” category structure (marked as tags). One of the things on the fiddling list is to add collapse/expand capabilities to the parent categories. That ‘Horse’ catagory is already pretty outrageous so it would be good to be able have that load with the catagory rolled up but easily expanded.

If you see anything weird please let me know, by way of the handy About/Contact page… yes, you can now easily email me, not to mention comment!