Breeders’ Cup Gossip, at Work No Less

There I was at work, at a lunchtime meeting, hanging out with my new colleagues and eating pizza. The topic was “where do you live” and one of my colleagues said “Long Branch (NJ), but I’ve got to get out of town this weekend because it’s going to be a mad house…” My eyes light up and I sat up straight, we said in unison “because of the Breeders’ Cup.” Then he looked at me like ‘how would you know that?’. I quickly and happily replied “I’ll be there! That’s why I’m talking Thursday and Friday off.”

After some group BC chit chat my Long Branch colleague said “Someone rented the entire hotel in my neighborhood… one person, the entire hotel. Some Arab royalty or something. I guess he has a horse running.” You could say that… I wonder if the brothers share a hotel or if they each get their own?

My boss then told us the entire plot of Black Stallion as it was his favorite movie as a kid and he watched it too many times to count. All and all it was a great meeting!