We are Everywhere

There I was yesterday, at my favorite lunch spot, a hilarious “physical fitness restaurant” that has a giant sign in front of the door that states “No Fried Foods, No Butter, No White Bread, No Soda, No Mayonnaise, No Bacon”. Not for the faint of heart, but their food is clean and flavorful, a rarity for healthy food.

It’s always hopping in there so if you don’t get there early enough the wait time can be considerable. As I was looking over my fellow healthy eaters (usually a fun mixed crowd to observe) I noticed a guy reading an insert from either the Post or Daily News for the Breeders’ Cup. As if on autopilot I walked over to him, sat down next to him and leaned over to read it. When he looked at me I said “I’m going”, he said “I have a horse running”. !!!!

After I got over my shock I asked who, he pointed to his Breeders’ Cup hat with the name Prop Me Up under the the BC logo (clearly an official owners hat of some kind). I didn’t know the horse so I said “2 year old?”, “No, 5 year old”… a local in the Distaff.

We chatted for a few more minutes while he was trying to eat. He said she’s doing really well this year (she is) and as a local she’s got a home track advantage. He also said she’s one of those horses who tries every time “so why not take a shot at 2 million dollars?” Indeed.

I still haven’t handicapped the Distaff and while I probably would have normally passed on her I will definitely be putting a WPS bet on her at 50-1. She’s improving with her new trainer, has won the last 3 times out and in her last race beat Peak Maria’s Way, who I believe has beaten Unbridled Belle… and besides, what are the chances I would meet one of the owners in that crazy restaurant? He definitely gets points for being a healthy eater! (Mind you, I still love bacon… nothing will change that).

I apologized for interrupting his lunch, it was clear he was trying to eat quickly but it reminded me of the early and mid 90s when I would hear someone talking about email or websites… I couldn’t not talk to them. We shook hands and wished each other luck. I love New York… and horse racing.