Country Star Indeed!

Country Star & Rafael Bejarano show ’em how it’s done in the Starlet (Charles Pravata)

Just now catching up on this weekend’s racing… like Evening Attire out of the gate, I’m a little late to the Country Star party. My esteemed colleagues have already pointed out all that is exciting about this Juvenile Empire Maker filly.

Speaking of Juvenile Empire Maker fillies, how about the sports marketing dream of Mushka vs. Country Star? As sad as I still am about the “Darley Boys” (I’m sure many of you got your Bloodhorse today), the more I of see of these 2 year olds the more I like (even if they’re only going to be around less than a year).

Feast your eyes on this record breaking wide run… she looks pretty professional as she pulls away.

Oh my gawd, 2008 is gonna be like, the best year ev-ah (200 Cigarettes reference).