Shamdinan, a Big Old Softie

Shamdinan in the paddock at Belmont for the Man O’ War (Sarah K. Andrew)

I love Shamdinan. What’s not to love… he’s handsome, talented and his name is really fun to say. Shamdinan, Shamdinan. I could say that all day!

However, I have one word of caution about the handsome and talented Shamdinan, he likes his turf soft. Knowing this about him is one of the only reason why he was one of the only tickets I cashed at the Breeders’ Cup.

In addition to his very nice performance over the soft turf at Monmouth, his win in the Secretariat was over good turf. His two 5th place showings came over firm turf. Currently, the turf at Gulfstream is listed as firm.

Mind you, I’m too sniffly, sneezy and eye watery to handicap right now or would be looking at Gulfstream Turf Stakes to see who I think has the best chance today. I do love that Thorn Song and would imagine I might just put a little sentimental money on him.

Best of luck to all!