A Touch of Madness

As you may have noticed, I’ve been messing around with my new “Derby Madness” section. I don’t need as much of an attention span to code as I do to handicap and no one loses any money!

I made the news from KentuckyDerby.com widget myself. I used Widgetbox so anyone who wanted to grab it could. And of course, you should grab The First Saturday in May widget to keep up to date on screenings, the DVD release and so on. Also, another big shout out to Jessica at Railbird for her excellent stat compilation via google docs.

I have a couple of other things I’d like to add, namely my standings in the various RTTR leagues and perhaps a few other things.

My apologies to folks who have their monitor resolution set to 1024×768 (48% of my viewers!), according to BrowserCam you’re getting an annoying horizontal scrollbar, even though the content is contained within the window!

I wrestled with the layout for quite a while to try and get rid the annoying scroll bar to no avail. Also, my apologies to folks at monitor resolutions higher than 1024×768 because I had to mash everything in Derby Madness far too close together, so it looks smashed and busy. See, no one wins!

At any rate, please feel free to leave any feedback re: annoying scroll bars, smashed and too busy content, now the site takes long to load or anything that might be helpful (or not).