I Heart Jim Squires

Man, Jim Squires, owner of Two Bucks Farm in Versailles, Ky, is quickly becoming my favorite read over The Rail, or anywhere for that matter.

His current post, “Why the filly has a chance“, not only discusses both Eight Belles and Proud Spell, but shares some interesting insights into fillies & colts in general.

Forget that nonsense that intimidation is a male prerogative in the equine world, too. Young females often run the colts off their food in the pasture. And a lot of big handsome colts have had to be moved to safer quarters just to protect them from a dominant, mean-tempered little filly.


But there are two big obstacles for fillies facing colts for the first time, that could be easily overcome by experience in earlier prep races. When running against one another, fillies do a lot of talking in the gate, shrill whinnying for the most part. But the sound of colts in the gates is different, more slamming around, grunting and snorting. Colts seldom whinny in a race gate. This can be unnerving to fillies, who are often in a hurry to leave, sapping adrenaline as object of a chase.

And his post from Sunday entitled “The Last Winstrol Derby?” is still drawing some eye opening comments!