Derby Dating: Quickie, the Night Before

Gettin’ lucky in Kentucky… a.k.a., the Derby infield! (blake seely)

It’s the eve of the big dance and time to get down to business. Without further adieu, here are my thoughts on the bachelors and bachelorette!

My Derby Date…


I love you. I’ve always loved you. Barring any traffic trouble or just plain old bad luck, I think you can get the job done, particularly with your excellent post position. But if anyone can handle traffic, it’s you.

I don’t pay any attention to those who don’t think you’re fast enough or are concerned about your Beyers, they don’t know you like I do. I just wish all those public handicappers would quite picking you so your odds would be about 8-1!

Like, as in Like Like:

(will definitely box with Pyro, will probably place individual win bets depending on the odds and possibly box all of them as well)

Tale of Ekati:

I knew you could do it in the Wood, the pace was going to be to your liking and you had done your homework. Now, here you are, primed and ready and more than likely going to get fractions on the fast side, just like you like them. While I’m not jazzed about your post position I have faith that you can get yourself in the a good position and work your magic!

Court Vision:

I know you tried in the Wood, and did you look game. In fact it looked a bit like some more distance would have been good for you! Breezing into town and putting in some impressive works was the way to go. That in combination with your traffic practice in the rowdy Remsen and win over the surface in the Iroquois has my head turned. And let’s not forget that you prefer your fractions fast!

Eight Belles:

We all know I like the ladies, and you’re no exception! At first I was a little skeptical looking at the fractions of your races, but your two best performances were in the races with the faster splits. That in combination with your stellar work at the track and my birdie telling me that you’re looking good is enough for me to be out and proud about thinking you’ve got a shot! I only wish I had placed a Larry Jones Oaks/Derby Double wager!

Z Fortune:

I know I thought you couldn’t be a doctor, but you buckled down and have shown us that you’re serious. Believe me, people have noticed too. Paging Dr. Fortune?

Denis of Cork:

I’m not concerned about what happened in Illinois. I know you’ve been working nicely at Churchill and know this is going to be your kind of pace, even though you have definitely shown some flexibility in the pace department (if not a touch of change of pace training!). And let’s not forget, you’ve already won at Churchill.

Would be seen in the hallway with:

(definitely have a shot at being on the board, will more than likely box with Pyro and a few others)

Smooth Air:

I like you. You know that distance is an issue for you and you work on it constantly, that’s a turn on! I also know you like some fast fractions… if the track is sloppy tomorrow you move right up to Like Like. Heck, at your current odds I may as well count you as Like Like!

Big Truck:

Nice works! I think the pace is going to be your style too although if the track is sloppy I have to look elsewhere. Bluegrass? What Bluegrass? Grass is green, duh!


Speaking of the Bluegrass, your finish position doesn’t at all indicate how impressive your 10 wide run was. You didn’t have enough room in the Risen Star, and who knows what the hell happened in the Gotham other than you won it. If it’s a sloppy track tomorrow you and Smooth Air are my giant tri box with Pyro.


You looked great in Arkansas (even thought your jockey whipped the living daylights out of you in the stretch!!). The fractions look to be to your liking, but I have to say it, I’m concerned about your post position. But I still think you’re hot!

Anak Nakal:

What? You heard me right. I know that I “officially” broke up with him but he’s gotten his act together a bit. Let’s review, he improved in the Wood, has improved works, has won at Churchill and takes those annoying blinkers off. The pace should be right up his alley so at his price I’m willing to get him in the mix.

Still Not Sure About…

Colonel John:

Listen, I like everything I see. I really do. You can handle any kind of pace scenario, you had a nice gallop out after your impressive win in the Santa Anita Derby and your work at Churchill was duly noted. But just because Gayego’s form transferred to dirt doesn’t mean yours will. Look at Big Truck, he worked a great bullet over the surface at Keenland and where did that get him? I’ll probably box you here and there but I’m still a little a skeptical of you…

You think you’re all that:

Big Brown:

Listen hot stuff, I’ll be really happy for you if you smash the field, particularly with your post position, but I can’t get behind you just yet. I’m just not ready, so don’t push me, ok?

Best of luck to everyone!!