“We Love You Curlin”

Curlin after the Man o’ War at Belmont (Sarah K. Andrew)

This is what Ernie cheered as Curlin walked out of the paddock into the tunnel on his way to the track. And it’s a sentiment that was apparent yesterday as well wishers and fans came out to Belmont to cheer on their Horse of the Year, or HOY Vey, as Ernie has taken to calling him!

I was feeling utterly crappy yesterday, going on two days of not so much sleep and next to no time to handicap, but I still got myself on the train and out to Belmont. My usual track pals all had prior engagements or sore body parts and couldn’t join me. But as fate would have it I was lucky enough to meet up with Alan H. and Ernie for a perfect afternoon of hot dogs, videos and close, but yet so far in the Curlin department.

Alan H. and Ernie went out to the paddock to get some video. I knew it was gonna be madness back there so I hung in our seats so I could get a good look at him in the parade. Power Cap has a good recount of the scene and you can see it for yourself over at Ernie’s as he’s posted a video of the scene in the paddock… definitely a must see!

At the end of the race he got a warm reception from crowd that actually choked me up a bit. I only detected one small boo from a group of jock-y (not to be confused with jockey, actually quite the opposite) guys with a giant cooler who had swigged their way through the afternoon and didn’t look like they even knew a horse’s name (not the kind of guys I’m gonna say ‘shut the F-up’ to).

There are couple of other nice first person accounts around the blogosphere as well, echoing the “we love you Curlin!” sentiment. If nothing else, it’s nice to have a horse that we’re all (or at least most of us of are) really pulling for.