Bug Boy Bling

The Bug Boys in Saratoga (~ RAYMOND)

Raymond’s ongoing series of jock portraits has recently taken a turn towards the apprentice. This shot of apprentice jockeys Jeffrey Sanchez, Joseph Berrios Cruz, and Roan Vargas hanging in Saratoga in their street clothes really jumps out… sure they look young in their silks, but they look REALLY young in their normal clothes. They’re giving me a License to Ill vibe in this shot.

Check out his this excellent ongoing exploration here.

In other news of the terrain of the young, our pal Ernie Munick, the fearless leader of the extremely popular and active Facebook group Thoroughbred Racing in New York got a great shout out in an article about the young people in Saratoga connecting via Facebook. I actually met Ernie via TRNY, as well as several other folks… as I’ve said many times before and will say it again, “Facebook, not just for the rotten kids.”