Midnight Rambler

Macho Again after winning the Jim Dandy (superterrific)

According to Raceday360, Macho Again had a bit of a late night last night, however it sounds low key compared to some of his previous antics. Perhaps his name should be Rowdy Again, or he should swap names with Wanderin’ Boy!

Yours truly has only taken the most cursory of glances at the Travers (and no glances at the other races) but it looks to be a real honest to god horse race… how exciting!

Best of luck to everyone today, and here’s the only hot tip I have to offer this weekend… go to Twitter, sign up (if you’re not already) and follow Raceday360. You can follow by RSS or even get it sent to your phone… Jessica will be dispatching reports all weekend via Twitter (otherwise known as tweets), just like this Macho Again tidbit. If you can be there yourself, why not feel like it?