New Poll, Who Should the NTRA Market To?

Who do you think makes a good potential racing fan? (mike fischer)

In keeping with the theme of the last poll, I want to probe the inner depths of your thoughts on marketing further. Just who do you think horse racing should be marketed to?

Considering that the majority of you answered the last poll, how should the NTRA attract new fans, with “Marketing would help”, who do you think would be the best market segment to go after? Sports fans, thrill seekers, puzzle solvers, day trippers, known gamblers, millennials… all of them? Anyone I’m forgetting?

Here’s how the votes broke out in the last poll:

Marketing – 16

Early retirement – 14

Customer service at tracks – 10

TV coverage – 10

Lower take out – 9

Access to watch/wager – 6

Mainstream fantasy racing – 4

Better communication with fans – 3

Standings – 2

Redesign – 1

Thanks to all who contributed in the last poll both by voting and commenting! I got several hits on the previous poll’s post from the NTRA today, so it appears as though they are reading & listening!

I also encourage you to go to Self Appointed Fan Committee to submit your ideas, rants and praise for the industry. We’ll deliver the message for you + by compiling all of the ideas and rants in one place, anyone can use the data for research, to help with their own projects or even just pleasure reading!