Guru in Search of Chantal Sutherland

People come to my site in search of Chantal Sutherland all the time. In fact, she’s my most frequent search criteria (ok, currently tied with ‘green but game’, but that’s a recent development). Usually, they’re looking for photos but today’s inquiry was a first.

My mid afternoon malaise of error message writing (don’t ask) was pleasantly interrupted by an email from an employee of Guru Energy drinks. It seems as though Chantal Sutherland has become a fan of Guru and they’re trying to get a case of it to her, but not having much luck. Something about a wrong apartment number.

The best advice I could give was to contact Woodbine. But after looking at their site, I have some more advice… do an ad campaign featuring lady jocks!

Aside from Chantal, there’s Shannon Uske and Dierdre Panas at Monmouth, Maria Charles at Philadelphia Park and Jacqueline Davis at Belmont to name a few. And these are just the ones I could easily track down pictures of/think of off the top of my head.

Give it some thought Guru, nothing says organic and natural energy drink like lady jockeys!