MTV Cribs: Zenyatta

It’s amazing what a little digging can uncover. As it turns out trainer John Shirreffs has a YouTube account and has been posting clips of training!

Here’s Zenyatta, “Back at Hollywood”. She walks the shed row, munches on some grass and breezes on the track. Presumably it Shirreffs talking with a pal who confesses a white pony ran off with him. There’s also a non sequitur about rhythmic breathing while the stunning filly jogs around the track.

Here’s October 16th featuring Life is Sweet’s first day on the main track, a small bit of Zenyatta galloping and some very odd schooling that consists of standing around while Trevor Denman’s race call is played. She definitely reacts as his call gets more excited, trying to bite her groom at one point… it’s pretty funny. The soon to be retired Tiago does the same schooling but they work on putting the saddle on him.

And finally this past Saturday morning, some footage of the track and then some shots in barn where he mentions “the movie”. Could John Shirreffs be the next Hennegan Brothers? And finally, back to some walking with Zenyatta, or Zenya as he sweetly calls her, and company.

Alright, now get the hell out of her house!