BC Wants to Know Your Thoughts

I posted an election inspired piece last week at Bloodhorse about participation in the process affecting change and forgot to post it here!

As mentioned prior to the Breeders’ Cup, Self Appointed Fan Committee was extended an invitation to the New York BC office to discuss/share our feedback on this year’s changes/BC in general. The meeting is this week!

Just because they’ll only be a few of us at the meeting doesn’t mean you can’t share your thoughts. Go to Self Appointed Fan Committee and make a submission (or 12) sharing your thoughts on this year’s BC.

Hate the purple saddle cloths? Love the new Filly & Mare Championship Day after all? Still think the name Ladies’ Classic has to go? Love or hate the amount and type of races? Tell them!

To quote myself from Bloodhorse (is that a sign of insanity?):

To be included in the process, one must actually participate. The door is open and they’re ready to listen, but it’s up to you to shove your foot in the door and make your voice heard.