Thanks Big Guy

Curlin posing after a bath at Saratoga (wendyu)

Instead of regaling you with thoughts and memories about Curlin, I’m going to point you other places doing a fine a job of it, at least for now. Perhaps I’ll muster something up at another point, but for now I’ll just share last year’s Jockey Club.

Of all his races I’d have to say last year’s Classic was my favorite, but what I love about the Jockey Club (besides cashing my first Pick 4 because of Curlin!) was that it was the beginning of what was to come. The Curlin that we all know now was not apparent to most at this point, and even after this race there were plenty of folks who weren’t sold. This race sold me hook, line and sinker on Curlin.

Kevin, the world’s biggest Curlin fan, has a fitting and touching tribute. I’ve never fallen for a horse that hard (and secretly hope I never do, but I’ve already got a big crush on that Hard Spun/Zoftig offspring!). Geno also has a nice tribute.

Bill Finely covers it in the Times and Paulick has a post too. I’ll continue to add posts as I spot them.

I was lucky enough to see Curlin in person 4 times, and I’m as thankful for that as I am to Jess Jackson for keeping him in training this year (even if he really didn’t really have many other options).

Either way, thank you Curlin, it was a true pleasure… and I hope your beloved Pancho accompanies you wherever you end up!


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