New Poll, Fav Racing Year of 90s

Rubiano & Julie Krone in the 92 Vosburgh (Jason Moran)

2008 was my second full year of being a fan & player. Obviously I’ve missed a lot. The good news is that I’ll never get bored watching replays from days gone by or learning about all the great horses that I didn’t have the pleasure to witness first hand.

Many of you have had that pleasure, and I’d like to know what you think. Starting with the the 90s, what was your favorite racing year? Was it Cigar and Holy Bull in 94? Undefeated Canadian Triple Crown winning filly Dance Smartly in 91? It would be great if you left a comment too, tell me what and/or who was so great about the year because I’m gonna wanna read about/watch all the excitement from the entire year, not just one race. Personal antidotes a plus! I’ll cover other decades in upcoming polls.

In the most recent poll about rabbits, the 24 of you were ok with using rabbits but thought that they should at least be appropriate for the race, 17 of you give rabbits the big thumbs up, it is after all strategy, and 6 of you thought that it might be time to revisit and revise the whole concept. As always, thanks for participating.

To get you in the mood, here’s a clip of the 1992 Vosburgh. Jason has been adding photos from the 90s over at flickr recently and the photo of Rubiano (above) linked to the replay. Both Rubiano & Julie Krone are incredibly impressive in this race, and I love how “hell yeah” Krone is on the gallop out.