NYRA, New Jock Videos and a Survey

I didn’t forget about blogging. Well, maybe a little but I’m going to try to play some catch up tonight.

The other day I was over at YouTube and noticed that NYRA added 3 new Jockey Cards… Jackie Davis, Maylan Studart and Ramon Dominguez. As always, very enjoyable.

Jackie Davis:

Maylan Studart:

Ramon Dominguez:

For some reason I was also at NYRA.com, perhaps to start planning my Saratoga trip based on the new stakes schedule, and I noticed the following promotion: “What’s important to you? Help create an enhanced NYRA.com”. It’s a survey to find out what you, the user or potential user of NYRA.com, finds important. In addition to answering their questions, there’s also a spot for you to freestyle. Want better navigation, a less cluttered homepage, or the ability to search? Here’s your chance to tell them.

As you can guess, I have a lot say on this matter as a fan of New York racing, an internet geezer and someone who’s already dispensed some free advice on the subject. I’ve got a draft of my input/feedback that I plan on posting here when I finalize it (some day). But get over there, tell them what you think! User input is a crucial part of any site redesign.