Two Horse Job

It’s funny that Michael Iavarone is in the news today because there was a send up of him on a new series on TNT called Leverage last night. The episode features a hedge fund manger turn race horse owner looking to create a hedge fund of horses. Sound familiar?

Throw in some insurance fraud, losing a horse in a poker game, and fake southern accents and you’ve got yourself a fine hour of mindless mainstream media entertainment. My favorite part was how the horses had microchips implanted in their necks and an ID number associated to their record in the Jockey Club database. Horses were effortlessly identified by using hand held readers. I believe both Ernie and Winston, not really have made SAFC submissions about just this sort of thing.

It’s not up yet, but you’ll be able to watch the full episode at It just aired last night so they still only have the preview:

It’s a shame that the preview is mostly about the annoying characters. On the upside, it was shot primarily at the track, and while not on par with Mommie Dearest, the Iavarone send up certainly has it’s campy entertainment value!