Not Eclispe Winners but Great Nonetheless

Curlin arrives in California (Charles Pravata)

This break in 1994 profiling is brought to you by disbelief. There I was, in the middle of my mid-afternoon malaise, when I noticed this item announcing the Eclipse winning photo for the year. Surprised, I immediately tweeted “There are many more deserving photos than this one”. Others agreed.

What’s wrong with the winning photo you ask? Nothing. It’s a perfectly nice photo, perhaps too perfectly. In fact I think it’s the image equivalent of a press release. As Patrick points out, it’s not like there aren’t plenty of other photos of Dettori hopping off a horse when he wins.

I’d like to humbly submit the following 20 photos that made an impression on me at some point during this year for your consideration. While I have no idea what the criteria is for an Eclipse award is besides probably, at the very least, being published somewhere other than GbG, I chose shots that 1) were taken this year and 2) felt like solid stand alone images that either spoke to an event this year or what makes racing great overall.

I put this list together relatively quickly and it’s by no means comprehensive. Sorry that I can’t put it in a slide show, they’re not my images!

Big Brown the day after winning the Derby – Charles Pravata

Big Brown in the Belmont – Corrado Photography

Alan Garcia after the Belmont – Raymond Haddad

Big Brown in the paddock at Monmouth – Sarah K. Andrew

Casino Drive greets the kids of Anna House – Sarah K. Andrew

Fairgrounds Racing – Championship Racing

Fairgrounds Racing – Championship Racing

Jackie Davis with dad former jockey Robbie Davis after her first race – Kristen Davis

Ginger Punch out of the gate in the Go For Wand – Jessie Holmes

Zaftig and Indian Blessing in the Acorn – Jason Moran

Notional and Joe Bravo after winning the Salvatore Mile – Sarah K. Andrew

Outrider captures a runaway at Saratoga – Sarah K. Andrew

Ocean Colors after finishing last in the Schuylerville – Sarah K. Andrew

Evening Attire’s retirement party – Melissa Wirth

Zenyatta after winning the Clement L. Hirsch – Charles Pravata

Curlin arrives in California – Charles Pravata

Curlin working at Santa Anita – Charles Pravata

Larry Jones and Old Fashioned before the Remsen – Sarah K. Andrew

We need more of this – Jason Moran

If you had to pick one of Dettori at the BC – Rick Samuels

It’s a tough call if I had to pick one. I love them all but I can narrow it down to Casino Drive with the Anna House kids, Big Brown in the paddock at Monmouth, Evening Attire’s retirement and Larry Jones with Old Fashioned.

What images did you like this year? I’m sure I’ve overlooked some great ones!

Update, check out Patrick’s post… I hadn’t noticed but Juvenile is misspelled!! After thinking about it this morning, I would have to concur with GbG pal and commenter Kevin of Colin’s Ghost on 2 points 1) the pic of Big Brown’s butt losing the Belmont should win and 2) the award should go to a photographer, not a single photograph.