A Little Catch Up

Very little in fact, but here it goes… a big, BIG congrats and shout out to GbG pals the Hennegan Brothers on their Eclipse Award for The First Saturday in May (buy the DVD)!

Recently I noticed that Breeders’ Cup posted this clip, created by the Hennegans, to their YouTube channel. I knew about it, but never saw it and am still not clear on where it aired. I love their sensibility and it instantly made me excited for the BC even though 1) it already happened and 2) it wasn’t all that exciting.

In photo news, you have until the end of tomorrow to go vote in round one of the TBA photo do over. Also, GbG regular rotation photog Raymond is on fire as of late over at Aqueduct… check him out too.

And speaking of being on fire, there was plenty of chatter over at Twitter during the races, much of it about Jones. (That should be *greet* Just Jenda… sadly Twitter does not have an edit function).

As if all that weren’t enough, there are plenty of new kids in town at the TBA… most recently Chalk Eating Weasel, Amateur Capper, Michigan-Bred Claimer, Keiblog Racing and Gallop France. In the recent past Thoroughbred Brief, Triple Dead Heat, Turk and the Little Turk and Mary Forney have also joined the growing ranks of people willing to spend their spare time writing about the game that they love. Good for them, and good for us!