Pool Party!

This public service announcement is brought to you by “break in handicapping” or “I’m procrastinating”.

As a fan of wildcat strikes, bossnappings, pencil drops and civil disobedience, in general I was very happy to see HANA taking the next steps on their inspired to plan to make a point about horseplayers driving the whole machine via capital. I’ve always found it a bit disheartening that it’s hard to rally fans and players around issues to help make a positive impact, but I’m an optimist so I’m all in with this plan!

Basically the plan is to pick particular races and get as many folks as possible to bet a pre-determined amount via any platform (any ADW, OTB, local track, etc) into any pool in that race.

We simply and quietly bet our money each week at the selected track. We do this for several months and follow the results each week. This is easy to do. As our block of dollars grow, track management will certainly start to notice and wonder where this is coming from. What is going on here? At that point we then lay out our plan to track management and other industry leaders. We will then have the data and information to prove the impact we are making.

The original wagering amount be bandied around was $50-$100, but if you don’t want to wager that much I would still urge you wager whatever you felt comfortable with as the goal is to get as much money as possible in the pools of a particular race. I’ll probably wager $10 or $20… or more if I have a good weekend!


Tues March, 31, 2009


Will Rogers Downs (WRD)

Race Number: Race 6

Update: From an email sent to HANA members (join!):

I’d like to clear up some misconceptions about what we are doing and why.

This (hopefully) will be horseplayers showing the ability to act cohesively as one.

This is NOT a donation.

We ask that Each player handicap and bet the race just as you normally would in your routine betting.

Initially wagering amounts were talked about and it was suggested that a range of somewhere between $25-$75 would be optimal. However no one should feel obligated to bet outside of their comfort zone. Handicap and bet the race as you normally would.

A wager of any type and amount on this race will be appreciated.

Sign up for free membership at HANA to keep up to date on this project. See you around the pool!