Wait a While, No Kidding

Wait a While and Vacare in the 2008 Diana (Sarah K. Andrew)

Quietly posted on Friday afternoon, the news of Wait a While’s positive test for Procaine after the Breeders’ Cup broke. The Breeders’ Cup… as in October. Wait a While is an understatement!

Apparently the ruling was issued Thursday APRIL 23rd, hence the recent reporting. Wait a While, who has since been retired, was disqualified and placed last. The trainer of said positive tested horse is Todd Pletcher, who happens to have at least 2 probably Derby starters in Dunkirk and Advice.

The item broke mid-afternoon and I have yet to see an outraged post or commentary. What happened? Is every body too busy obsessing over their spreadsheets to muster some outrage over the Toddster? What a let down! And how about some well deserved commentary about timing and why did the whole thing take some damn long? Or that no hearing has been set for Pletcher? C’mon people!