One Step Closer

Zenyatta and Mike Smith after winning the Milady (Charles Pravata)

Twitter was a buzz this afternoon once the news broke at DRF that Zenyatta’s owners actually want to face Rachel Alexandra after all. Glad to see that Eddie D was right, they were playing coy!

And to add to the drama it was before either race went off.

Rachel in the Mother Goose? Check.


Moss specifically said that it would depend on how Zenyatta did and how she came out of the Vanity.

Zenyatta in the Vanity? Check.


And apparently after the race on TVG Moss confirmed that he’s interested in making this match up happen…

Moss just said he is going to do everything possible to meet up with RA

Fingers crossed that Zenyatta and Rachel come out of their races in good order and that we’ll be looking at match-up. I know several folks who’d love to see them in the Del Cap but is that too soon? Where do you think they should meet?