Goodbye Hollywood

Hollywood Park, 1980 (Larry Gassan)

A true bummer of a day for Cali and racing in general with final approval of development on the site of Hollywood Park announced along with the retirement of Pioneerof the Nile. Many a fan and player have uttered the words “there needs to be less racing” (myself included), but that doesn’t make changes like this any easier.

I had the good fortune to make it to Hollywood Park a couple of years ago while visiting one my BFFs. I liked it quite a bit as did my pal, who recently took a group of folks out for some Friday night racing. I played along from home for awhile and I’m extremely proud that she hit THREE exactas!

If you’re like me and wish that you had more memories of Hollywood Park, you have until the end of the year to get yourself out there to make some. If that’s not an option you always just buy some memories on eBay!

If programs are your thing there are plenty! There’s a 1959 program featuring the Los Angeles Handicap, a group of 5 programs featuring Outstandingly, Fran’s Valentine, Tank’s Prospect, Skywalker and more. And for a paltry $8.50 you can get the 1941 Gold Cup program.

Patches? We’ve got patches… several excellent patches, all currently 99 cents.

Even if you didn’t you can boast that you saw Affirmed in the Hollywood Gold Cup with this excellent 1979 pin.

And if you feel like stepping up in class, there’s a lovely 1972 sterling silver trophy from the 1972 Portola Stakes.

So what are you waiting for? Rush right out there and buy those memories… it’s the American way! And if you can visit Hollywood Park, that wouldn’t be bad either.

Also, here are a couple of more shots of Hollywood Park in 1980.