New Poll: Your Favorite Summer Racing

Into the clubhouse turn at Saratoga (Sarah K. Andrew)

Sure, there’s Saratoga and Del Mar, the premiere boutique summer meets, but they’re not the only game in town! I left this poll a little loose on purpose so you can interpret it as either as the track you most like to go to or the track you most like to play… it’s your call!

In my case they’re are one in the same… Saratoga. Of course, I haven’t been to that many tracks so maybe I would love Colonial Downs, Canterbury, Ellis or Emerald Downs just as much. In fact, maybe I’ll find out tomorrow, at least about playing Canterbury and Ellis, as I plan on playing the Claiming Crown and the HANA Pool Party race!

Is your favorite track to attend different from your favorite track to play? Feel free to elaborate!

In our last poll, Fav Triple Crown Race of 2009, 67 of you said the Derby, 51 of you said the Preakness, 19 of you said you loved them all equally and 12 of you said the Belmont. As always, thanks for participating!

Here’s to a prosperous, fun summer of racing… or, pari-mutually speaking, “here’s mud in your eye“!