The Invincible Sword Goddess

(Sarah K. Andrew)

While channel surfing on Travers night I ultimately settled on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on IFC, the martial arts sensation film of 2000 responsible for igniting a flying choreography craze. I had never seen it and have never been one to watch martial arts films (although that could change). As I was enjoying the stunning fight choreography and excellent cinematography, one scene stood out to me.

One of the film’s main characters is Jen, who is “destined for an arranged marriage and yearning for adventure“. In short, she steals a fancy powerful sword called the Green Destiny and becomes a kick ass martial artist. Naturally when she shows up at Wudan Mountain (kick ass martial arts academy), all the other kick ass martial artists want to challenge her.

There was one scene in particular that had me laughing out loud because it reminded me of Rachel vanquishing her male challengers one after the other. I thought about that scene so much in the week leading up to the Woodward that I bought the DVD and made my first humble attempt at video editing. Without further adieu, I give you Rachel Alexandra, Invincible Sword Goddess:

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