Fun With Derby Names

Whether you geek out or not, here’s hoping you cash a ticket or two (KumamotoMark)

It’s that time of year… time to geek out! There are a million angles and data points to obsess over and consider when selecting your Derby date, and the fun is just beginning!

Over at DRF Crist puts together a couple of interesting Google docs comparing last year’s crop to this years in terms of number of repeat wins and BSFs. Kennedy has been looking at speed and home court advantage. DRF has compiled a fantastic resource for all things Derby Prep (thanks Kevin!), and these are just a few instances of stuff to geek out on!

No time to obsess over data or compile that giant spreadsheet? I think I can help.

I made a smart ass tweet about my inner 12yo wanting Parade Clown to win the Derby, which elicited this reply from Miss Railbird.

The inner 12YO trifecta: Parade Clown, Desert Party, Chocolate Candy. All that’s needed is a hot dog to make day complete.

Naturally, this took me down the rabbit hole of silly name combos:

Spiteful Diva Exacta Box:

Big Drama / I Want Revenge

(ok, Big Drama is pointed to the Preakness, you may have to hold that one for a few weeks)

Military Heritage Exacta Box:

Musket Man / General Quarters

Booty Call Exacta Box (NSFW):

Mr. Hot Stuff / Giant Oak

Air Force One Exacta Box:

Flying Private / General Quarters

Too Hot to Handle Exacta Box:

Friesan Fire / Mr. Hotstuff

Daddy was a Landscaper Exacta Box:

Papa Clem / Giant Oak

Neighborhoodies Exacta Box:

Quality Road / West Side Bernie

WWII Exacta Box:

General Quarters / Dunkirk

Oompa-Loompa Exacta Box:

Win Willy / Chocolate Candy

Royal Bondage Exacta Box:

Regal Ransom / Hold Me Back

Vegas Frat Boy Exacta Box:

Desert Party / General Quarters

Around the Way Degenerates Exacta Box:

Papa Clem / West Side Bernie

No doubt there are plenty of other possibilities, especially as the field of 2009 Kentucky Derby contenders comes into focus!