Landaluce and an Earthquake

I was just reading today’s Crist Blog post via RSS. I didn’t make it any further than the Landaluce part as I immediately went over to You Tube to see if there were any race replays (not realizing that the lone race replay was in his post).

I only knew of Landaluce because of the Landaluce Stakes so finding out her story was incredible! The subject came up as it was the 25th anniversary of her passing yesterday, the 28th. What a talent. Definitely go check it out if don’t know the story, and if you do, here is the lone race replay currently on You Tube.

While I was at You Tube I noticed a video entitled Hollywood Park Earthquake. It didn’t look to me like the winning horse’s name was Earthquake so I wondered if it really could a race run during an earthquake. When I was visiting Cali in the spring and went to Hollywood Park I wondered what happened if an earthquake occurred during a race…

The call is hilarious. It looks like it really doesn’t matter too much to the horses as long as the earth isn’t opening up on the track. I have to also commend them on steady camera work!