Desperately Seeking Carol

Carol Cedeno @ Monmouth Park

Chris of Female on the Horse & Carol Cedeno at Monmouth Park (Chris Forbes)

As someone who watches their traffic regularly, I had been noticing that jock apprentice Carol Cedeno has been the most frequent search term used to arrive at GbG by way of Google.

How frequent? In the past month I’ve had 34 visits that resulted from searches for the young Miss Cedeno with the next most regular search term, Chantal Sutherland, totaling 5 visits (Saratoga Russell also clocks in with 5). And it’s not like it’s her mother searching over and over again, they’re from all over the place.

Those yearning for more info the popular apprentice lucked out this week when Bloodhorse published an article on her.

Speaking of female jockeys, while trying to scare up a picture for this post I stumbled across the Female on the Horse site. The author of the site (pictured above) works track security and has been compiling a giant archive of interviews of female jockeys!

Also check out his rather impressive photo galleries where his M.O, as demonstrated above, is to get them to pose with him giving the thumbs up.

It sort of reminds me Star Struck by Gary Boas, an astonishing archive of photos of the author with celebrities… also worth checking out as an interesting artifact of fandom & period piece (the photos were taken from the mid-sixties to 1980).