Seeing This…

in Whole Foods this week is about as close as I’ve come to doing anything racing related.

I’ll be watching the Sunshine Millions but not playing due to extreme work load. This gives me an opportunity to try out one of my only racing “resolutions”, which is to stop or at least cut down on sentimental wagers that don’t involve any handicapping.

However, if I were to do any handicap-free sentimental wagering this weekend, I might go for Bayou’s Lassie in the Distaff with a token straight exacta of Ginger Punch over Prop Me Up. That’s it really, not a lot of sentimental favorites running this weekend and definitely no time to handicap.

In the meantime, go to the TBA homepage and grab all the past performances for the Sunshine Millions. Just because I can’t handicap doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!