RIP Nashoba’s Key

Nashoba’s Key blowing away the field in the Santa Margarita (Charles Pravata)

You probably already know the bad news by now… and I really don’t have too much to add.

The super creepy part is that just last night when I was making my normal rounds at flickr, I was looking at this photo of Nashoba’s Key and almost posted it just for the hell of it. I’m not liking my new found “I thought of a horse and now something bad to has happened to it” e.s.p.

My favorite Nashoba’s Key moment was in the Clement Hirsch. She and Balance were sitting off two long shots setting the pace. Nashoba’s Key rolls up to Balance and totally turns her to head to give her the eye! Balance’s rider race rides her a bit to keep her boxed in and then she makes her move but Balance doesn’t really go on. Nashoba’s Key finally gets some room and blows by her. Classic. I wish it was on YouTube so I could embed it but it’s up at NTRA.

Rest in Peace.