The Panty Raid Has Been Cancelled

Oddly named yet supremely talented G1 winning filly Panty Raid (Sarah K. Andrew)

I can’t claim that headline as my own, Sarah used it first when posting the photo above, but it still applies!

Panty Raid has been retired due to a non-career ending injury!

The injury was not career-ending, but it was decided to retire her anyway. “By the time we would have been able to get her back to the races it might have been this fall,” said John Greathouse. “She was already home.”

Grrrrr. They would have had to wait until the fall? Deprived again of seeing another talented horse.

Feast your eyes in this performance in the Juddmonte Spinster (grrrrrr) where she beat older fillies and mares. She did not go on to run in the Breeders’ Cup, which makes her early retirement even more enervating.

Please, no more bad news!