There’s Still Time…

(Sarah K. Andrew)

To let the Breeders’ Cup know what you thought about this year! We’ll be meeting with them tomorrow afternoon and delivering your feedback face to face, so please get yourself over to SAFC and submit your thoughts!

Here are a few examples of what’s been submitted so far.

There are many well respected racing journalists who should have a place at the table in regards to changes to the BC format. Steve Haskin, Rich Eng, Steven Crist, Andy Beyer, and Steve Davidowitz (to name a few) are all dedicated race writers who care about the future of the sport. I would suggest that they be appointed to an advisory committee that would work with the marketing division on racing decisions. It is important that the history of the game be respected — racing writers who have been around the game for 20+ years will have a better perspective on this than marketing people.

– Kevin, Colin’s Ghost

I’m a HUGE Breeders Cup Fan. It is my favorite day of the year. However two days which included a 1pm-7pm Saturday is too long. The sizzle of one day is lost on two. Further I believe a 6 hour day comprised of 9 races is wayyyy to long, particularly for the casual fan.

How about borrowing a page from the Sunshine Millions. Run all Breeders races on one day on two coasts, say Cali and NY,(can also go north/south etc). Run each race no more the 20 minutes apart. You would have 4 hours of EXTREME action. From a Corporate perspective you would draw from 2 major cities. It would be more attractive to TV. There would be a much better chance of attracting the casual and non fan. Yes it would be inconvenience to Jocks, Trainers and Owners, but they can adapt.

Today to be successful today you need THE HYPE and SUBSTANCE. Can you imagine the excitement that would be generated in those 4 hours. There would be nothing like it in sport or gaming!!!

The fact that there are no color coded saddle cloths could quite possibly be the biggest oversight in the game today. If there is one issue that perfectly encapsulates the short-sighted, “tradition nazis” who help keep this sport down – it is the BC saddle coth issue….

You want to draw interest and new crowds by adding features like “Ladies Day”, then create an atmosphere that NO ONE CAN FOLLOW – including veteran horseplayers…unreal.

I’ve attended many Breeder’s Cup events all over the country. It’s become much too expensive to attend anymore. $200 or more per day for lousy seats not under cover, on top of airfares and having to stay in hotels far from the event (Momouth, Santa Anita). I’ve had enough and will stay home and bet from there. And please, help out the fans and fix the saddle cloth issue.

Keep working in horse racing’s best interest and not 10-15 people who don’t have a marketing degree. The 2 day format worked and was successful.

The purple saddlecloths make it extremely difficult to follow the race and are profoundly player unfriendly. Making the choice to keep them because they are “what sets the BC apart from other events” only serves to cement the notion that the Breeders’ Cup does not care about players.

Trakus is very distracting and not a great solution either. Colored saddlecloths are the most easy and efficient method for one to identify a horse during a race. For example, players know yellow=4.

Perhaps there’s a way that the saddle could still be unique but retain a majority of the standard color, such as having the customary purple as a border of the saddlecloth.

– dana,

You can see all the submissions here (scroll down close to the bottom)

What are you waiting for, get over there and tell them what you think!