NYRA, Cool Videos but No Credit for Photogs

Oh NYRA, just when I had something positive to say about you (other than the addition of Andy Serling to the broadcast team was genius), I find out that you used photos of at least one GbG fav photog for marketing purposes without asking and/or attribution!

When I noticed the videos, I noticed a few photos of one my regular rotation photographers/pals and sent them a note to let them know about the videos on the “off” chance (ok, I suspected) that their WORK had been used without their knowledge. And in fact, that’s what happened.

I couldn’t put it any better than another pal (who can claim this quote if they so choose!):

Very disappointed in NYRA, violating copyright by taking photos from Flickr and using them without attribution or payment, not answering questions on Facebook — you’d think they’d heard about social media from a consultant and weren’t quite sure how all this technology and these networks worked but they sure liked sending out press releases about how they were using the web.

Oh, wait.

I’ve said it before, as have others, but apparently it bears repeating again… “web 2.0” is a conversation. It’s not appropriating people’s work for your own marketing (which, at the very least I’m happy to see them doing some, and online to right demographic!).

Additionally, still no sign of any “continuous dialogue between racetrack executives and the racing public” over at NYRA Facebook central… c’mon NYRA, you can do it, I KNOW you can!!

Log back on to Facebook and look at the questions the “racing public” is asking you. Credit the racing photographers work you used either without asking or asking after the fact. If the Breeders’ Cup can meet with fans, you can interact with them on Facebook… after all, you did send out a press release about doing just that!