RIP Papi Chullo

Papi Chullo and Eibar Coa winning the 2007 Birdstone on Belmont Stakes day (Sarah K. Andrew)

Randomly visiting the Mammee Ridge Farm site to see if there were any new photos of Papi Chullo I was stunned to find news of his death!

From Sunday May 10th:

It is with regret that we announce the death of Papi Chullo who died this morning. An necropsy performed by Dr. Clifford Bradford indicated that the young stallion suffered a heart attack.

Papi Chullo, a Graded Stakes winner of 7 races and US$390,062.00 endeared himself to racing fans throughout the United States. He arrived in Jamaica to stand at Mammee Ridge Farm, and became an immediate favourite of the staff and the local community alike.

Two mares have been confirmed to be in foal to the late Papi Chullo.

He will be missed.

Wow, I’m really sorry to find this out! I’ll definitely be getting in touch with the folks from Mammee Ridge Farms to send condolences and ask them to provide updates on Papi’s impending two foals when the time comes.

Some of you may remember that a group of Papi’s admirers at the TRNY Facebook Group mounted an unsuccessful bid to purchase him prior to his retirement.

It goes without saying that many people wanted to make sure the hard knocking, mismanaged horse had a safe landing. While we can’t say how it would have ended if we had been able to purchase him, let’s hope his time in Jamaica was enjoyable. It seems like he charmed the locals the way he charmed all of us.